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Ngiam Xing Hao

Solo Bb Bass

Fundamentally, Singapore-based musician - Xing Hao is a servant to the forces of music. Whether be it performance, education or conducting, his mission is advance the local awareness and understanding of music, both classical and contemporary to the general masses.

His humble journey started at the age of 10, upon picking up his newfound love for the Tuba, his journey has evolved into the path that he takes today. Xing Hao is pursuing his Tuba performance Bachelor’s at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music and is currently doing an exchange program at the Peabody Institute of the John Hopkins University. As a performer, he has been active in the Singapore local music scene playing in multiple bands, orchestras and chamber groups. His active participation as a chamber musician has earned his ensemble: Brass Lightyear, the first place in the open division of the Singapore Ensemble Competition 2016. While also being active as a solo performer, he was also a finalist in the solo competition for the Singapore Low Brass Festival 2016. He also freelances with both the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

As an educator, Xing Hao has been nurturing young minds of music for over 6 years. He shares an immense passion for imparting musical knowledge to the rising generations as he believes that the best way he can use his talents and knowledge, is to share it with the younger musicians through band and instrumental education.  Xing Hao is an advocate for new music being written by current composers and is also part of managerial teams for upcoming ensemble groups in Singapore, such as Lion City Brass Band and The Young Musician’s Foundation Orchestra.

Upon his graduation of his Bachelor’s degree in a year’s time, Xing Hao will embark on yet another musical journey to further the awareness and understanding of the craft, working in tandem with musicians both of now, and them of the future.

Xing Hao is the Solo Bb Bass, and concurrently serves as the Band Manager of the Lion City Brass Band.


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